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Mahatma Gandhi-House
Mahatma Gandhi-House
Mahatma Gandhi House: Entrance
Mahatma Gandhi House: Entrance


 "If you give me rice, I’ll eat today,

but if you teach me how to grow rice,

I’ll eat every day."

(Mahatma Gandhi)

9th International Seminar 2017





Abstract Book 2017


Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture through Resource Management and Conservation

July 7 - 9,  2017

Goettingen, GERMANY

To ensure the food security for a growing world population with the possible repercussions of climate change is one of the major challenges to agriculture. This leads to constant pressure on crop production systems in order to enhance food quantity without increasing environmental degradation. Sustainable intensification (SI)of agriculture is a way forward to match these issues. That means to enhance efficiency of agricultural production, either by increasing yields without additional negative environmental impact as well as without expansion of cropland or by reducing negative external effects under constant yields. Several highly regarded studies and reports pointed out that sustainable intensification is the only possibility to ensure future food security and quantified the global potential of SI by projections and modelling. Against this scientific background, transferability and applicability of sustainable intensification has to be discussed: How does the framework fit to various geographic regions, spatial scales or different farming systems (high/low input)? (More: Circular PDF)

AGROCHEMIE: Afrikaner und Asiaten suchen Alternativen

Michael Caspar

 Um eine intensive Landwirtschaft, die Ressourcen schonend und effizient einsetzt, ist es während einer Konferenz im Göttinger Mahatma-Gandhi-Haus gegangen. Die Wissenschaftler, darunter viele aus Asien und Afrika, wollen die Politik für eine Finanzierung solcher Projekte gewinnen. [...]

Read more: Goettinger Tageblatt

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Afrikanisch-Asiatische Studienförderung e.V.



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