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Mahatma Gandhi-House
Mahatma Gandhi-House
Mahatma Gandhi House: Entrance
Mahatma Gandhi House: Entrance


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Mahatma Gandhi-House: Besides track
Mahatma Gandhi-House: Besides track


This International Seminar marks the beginning of 60th Anniversary Celebration of



                  Göttingen/Germany in 2019

10th International Seminar

Harnessing Science and Technology through Capacity Building and Economic Policies for Sustainable Development

September 13  - 15,  2018  -  Goettingen, GERMANY


Dear Colleagues,

the United Nations sustainable development goals enshrined in their objectives that poverty was to be halved by 2015 by various nations globally. However, this goal has rarely been achieved by many countries. Much more remains to be done to achieve the targets.

To achieve the UN 2030 agenda objective of ending poverty and hunger everywhere, the following issues are deemed pivotal:

  1. The majority of the Afro Asian population lives in rural areas which are mainly the production sites for raw materials. The utilization of natural resources is injudicious.
  2. In these regions national agricultural productivity is quite low while international investors are able to obtain high efficiency through capital and technology deployment, economies of scale. However the produce is export bound and does not contribute to national needs.
  3. The impact of climate change is soaring, disaster management is in its infancy with regard to research, required dimension and footprint.
  4. The food processing industry is yet to gain pace, hence related economic growth is far below its potential.
  5. Knowhow transfer from international knowledge centers is punctiform.
  6. The need for short-term currency requirements sets priorities over sustainable development strategies on many national agendas.
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International Foundation for  Sustainable 
Development in Africa and Asia,

Goettingen, Germany


 University of Applied  Sciences and Arts,

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African Asian Studies Promotion Association,

Goettingen, Germany

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Mahatma Gandhi-House in Goettingen