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11th International Conference 2019





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Harnessing Scientific, Technological Innovations and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development  in Africa and Asia

September 02  - 04,  2019

Goettingen,  GERMANY

Innovations coupled with entrepreneurships in Science and Technology are essentially needed for realizing the UN goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. For that matter, appropriate, affordable, simple and easy to use technologies should be generated and potential entrepreneurs should be motivated and supported through skill development and financial assistance by national governments and international agencies for economic transformation and sustainable development in Africa and Asia. Science Technology Innovations and Entrepreneurships can increase the efficiency, effectiveness, impact and complement the efforts of government and institutions for socio-economic and environmental benefits under climate change.everal innovations and green technologies, bio-technologies, agri-technologies developed and spread around the world over the last few decades, have helped improving crop growth and health, establishing enterprises in agriculture, food and feed processing, health/hygiene, infrastructure and civic amenities in rural and urban settings. Digital technologies support almost free and fast flow of ideas, knowledge and data offering opportunities for collaborative and open approaches to innovation in Science, Technology and entrepreneurship for inclusive growth.  (More: Circular PDF)


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