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Mahatma Gandhi-House
Mahatma Gandhi-House
Mahatma Gandhi House: Entrance
Mahatma Gandhi House: Entrance




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Trends in Technology for Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, Environment and Health

 2nd October, 2020

11:00 AM (Time zone: IST, India)

The world population is likely to grow to 8 billion by 2025 and stabilize at 10 billion by 2050. The increase in population is mainly in developing countries where food, environmental, and health problems are apparent on account of lack of resources. In many countries where the green revolution led quantum jump in yield has been realized are also witnessing grey patches due to excessive use of inputs and agrochemicals, over-mining of nutrients, secondary salinization, etc. In order to have sustainably high production possessing adequate nutritional value for teaming millions every year, the present agrotechnology has to be revisited and customized for locational specific needs.


Global climate change due to rise in temperature, industrial effluents, emissions from motor vehicles and chimneys, and agricultural and e-waste has added to complexities in all spheres of life mainly agricultural biodiversity, emergence of new flora and fauna, diseases like pandemics, etc. All these have posed challenge for human health as well as management of health services for every nation.   (More: Announcement PDF)

Due to the current Corana problem, we unfortunately had to postpone this year's IFSDAA conference (June 15-17, 2020: Woman Empowerment Towards Sustainable Development in Africa and Asia) indefinitely !


Instead there will be an IFSDAA-WEBINAR on October 2nd.


"If you give me rice, I’ll eat today,

but if you teach me how to grow rice,

I’ll eat every day."

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Jagan Nath University hosted an International Webinar Scientists discussed the about the need for Sustainable Development & Resource Management in Agricultural Sector.


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Organized by

• International Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa and Asia (IFSDAA) / African Asian Studies Promotion Association (AASF) – Germany

• Society for Sustainable Agriculture & Resource Management (SSARM) - India

• Genetics, Epigenetics, Environment and Nutrition Towards Plant,
    Animal and Human Health (GEENPAHH) - India


at Jagan Nath University (Bahadurgarh, India)

Summary of the Webinar

Jhajjar-Bahadurgarh road situated Jagan Nath University hosted an 12th IFSDAA International Webinar on “Trends in Technology for Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, Environment and Health” on October 2nd, 2020. This was in account to celebrate the birthday of the great visionary, reformer and world leader Mahatma Gandhi Ji, who believed in spirituality, divinity, humanity, peace on the planet earth where all live with dignity. 

(More Summary PDF)


Summary of the