International Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa and Asia

 in the            Göttingen/Germany

Mahatma Gandhi-House
Mahatma Gandhi-House
Mahatma Gandhi House: Entrance
Mahatma Gandhi House: Entrance


 "If you give me rice, I’ll eat today,

but if you teach me how to grow rice,

I’ll eat every day."

(Mahatma Gandhi)

International Webinar (4) 2022

Women and Neonatal Health


 8th January, 2022


10:00 AM (Indian Standard Time)


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As per FAO, Statistic, the world population will be around 8 billion people by 2025. Currently about 850 million people suffer from hunger and about 2 billion children suffer from malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency. India ranks number 1 in terms of pre-term birth as 23% pre-term born infants are in India. Human health is determined by genetic, epigenetic, environmental, utritional and psychological factors. Women health is most critical during times of pregnancy Genotype of an individual mothers determines the phenotype of the foetus and the neonates through its interaction with nutrition and medication during pregnancy.

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On behalf of my Association and myself I’m sending you my greetings to America India Australia from a small town in Germany called Göttingen. Associated to our association we run a student hostel and by the name of Mahatma Gandhi. Our association was founded towards the end of the fifties exactly in 1959 during the cold. At present where we are experiencing war in the Ukraine and the name Mahatma Gandhi obliges us to create awareness and work for peace. We already know what coronavirus has inflicted on human beings and on the global economy. 

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Organized and hosted by

Deptt. of Agriculture

Maharishi Markandeshwar

Mullana-Ambala, Haryana, Indien



in collaboration with


• International Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa and Asia (IFSDAA), Germany

• African Asian Studies Promotion Association (AASF), Germany.

• Society for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management (SSARM),India.