International Conference 2022

Resource Management for Food, Agriculture, Environment and Health Sustainability


Celebration for excellence of AASF for 62 years and IFSDAA for 15 years

September 14 - 16, 2022 in Mahatma Gandhi-House

Göttingen / Germany


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 IFSDAA-Brochure 2022



World population is growing unabated, more so in developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The world population is expected to be about 8 billion in 2025 and will stabilize at about 10 billion people by 2050. Currently around 1 billion people suffer from hunger and 2 billion children are malnourished due to deficiency of minerals and vitamins. The food production needs to be doubled by 2050 from less land area and shrinking water and other natural resourcesfor meeting the needs of growing world population. This is a biggest challenge to the world food security and daunting task for the scientists, technocrats, agricultural experts, environmentalists and policy planners to achieve the targets while maintaining natural resource base of soils for sustainability of agricultural system.

With advent of green revolution era, world food production has increased many folds during last five decades mainly due to adoption of high yielding, high input requiring semi dwarf varieties of wheat, rice and improved hybrids of maize, sorghum etc. However, intensive irrigation and use of agro chemicals have led to many grey patches on account of secondary salinization, degrading soil health and biotic and abiotic stresses. Consequently, the factor productivity is increasing with lesser input use efficiency. The climate change has further aggravated the situation on account of global warming and lack of climate resilient varieties. Human and livestock health is determined by genetic, epigenetic, environmental&nutritional and stress factors and immunity levels. Therefore, coherence among these should be ensured. The immunity can be modulated by food/feed and environment. . . .

Organized by


International Foundation for Substainable Development in Africa and Asia

(in the AASF e. V.)

Goettingen, Germany

African Asian Studies Promotion Association,

Goettingen, Germany

University of Applied Sciences and Arts,

Goettingen, Germany


Society for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management (SSARM),

Hisar, India

Place of Conference

African Asian Studies Promotion Association

Afrikanisch-Asiatische Studienförderung e.V.



Karl Fritz Heise-Saal

Theodor-Heuss-Str. 11

37075 Göttingen / Germany

Mahatma Gandhi-House in Goettingen (click to enlarge)